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Tips To Look at When Choosing a Temp Staffing Agency

There has been a huge need for organizations looking for temporary employees to hire. An organization maybe forced to recruit a temp employee for several reasons. These reasons may include, maybe their workers have gone for a leave, feeling unwell, has other staffing needs or any other as directed by the management. This article will look at some tips to look at when choosing temp staffing agency to source a staff.

When in need of a temp employee, consider the candidate inventory. Does the agency have or has invented the inventory of the temporary employees? Take note whether the agency has potential candidates that can be replaced instantly.

Another factor to consider when looking for an agency to get a temp staff from is the pre- screening of the candidate. The agency must ensure that the candidates go the process of prescreening. This will save you time and money. Has the agency evaluated the candidate’s application? What is the behind the candidate resume? This will help you get the right employee for the position needed.

The third factor to look at is the, timing. Considering that the need of replacing the employee in your organization may arise in urgency, consider whether the agency can be able to produce the employee in time. A good temp employee agency should have ready potential candidates in their database. This will make the agency so competitive since your need is instantly dealt with.

Again, consider the communication of the agency to your organization. An excellent agency in such temporary employee field should have a good communication on the position they are filling, the working hours and the expected payments. Cases have emerged on collision of employee to the organization of which position they were to fill and the expected pay. It is therefore good to consider communication aspect.

Let the agency provide you with the references or you consider checking them yourself. References are provided by the institution the employees have attended maybe schools or places they worked before. Know the rating and how the employees behaved. Ask them whether incase of anything they would like the candidates back. This will build trust and courage to recruit them.

Another key factor to look at, is whether the agency has an understanding and follows the legal protocol. The agency should know all requirements they should have and whether their candidates are able to work and follow the rules of the organization. Do the candidates understand the contracts of employment and any other forms they must?

You should also be keen to look at whether the agency is focused on quality. Many agencies may be into quantity matters and they will want to recruit as many candidates as they can but not focusing in the quality of service, they will provide to the hiring organizations. well quantity matters in some position and it may vary from organization to the other. You need to speak to people in charge of the staffing agency to ensure that the process they use for your organization is efficient.

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