Technological Development – What is the Next Step in Technological Development

The following is an article on Technological Development, a topic in every consumer’s mind. One thing about the theme of this article is that I am not a politician. I don’t care much for their career as politicians and I am more concerned with what is right and wrong and what is right for humanity. So I will steer clear of that. I am looking forward to an opportunity to discuss Technological Development in as short a time as possible.

Let us look at Technological Development and Cellphones with Triple Cameras, as a basic example. If we look at the words, “telephone”, “internet”camera”, how many times have you heard or read those three words used together?

Now let us take a look at cellphones and say they are technological developments. I would venture to say that cellphones with Triple Cameras would be used more often and consequently technology evolves.

As technology evolves we move from one stage to another. One stage is available, the next stage is on the way and the next stage will be invented, perfected and available. And thus the cycle continues, each stage leading to the next, thus giving rise to the next stage. Each step on the cycle takes us closer to what we seek.

Each stage gives us something that we do not yet have, but is soon to be available to us. Each stage also brings us closer to what we seek. And in each stage we discover new discoveries and develop new technologies, this time from the new discoveries we discovered from our inventions, each time we advance and discover something new. So each time we advance, each time we advance we reach a new stage that we can call progress.

The question now is, “What should be the next step of Technological Development?” This question is as important as the question, “What is the next stage in technology?”. When we answer the question, “What is the next stage in technology? “, we will be on the road to answer the question, “What is the next step in Technological Development?”

There will be no end of discoveries and advances, but what we need to remember jalanteknologi is that if we think that we have reached a certain stage of Technological Development, then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. We must consider that we are moving towards a new stage of technological development, in this case, we have moved from one stage to another and we cannot reach a new stage, a new stage can only be achieved by another stage.

The fact is that we may never arrive at a new stage of technological development, and thus we are not advancing. We are simply moving from one stage to another, our objective being to reach the next stage and advance. So we can advance, the question is by what level.